SeniorNet in your pocket

SeniorHangouts is the online version of a SeniorNet Learning Centre.

We are a community learning network that supports and encourages people to confidently use technology in their everyday lives…

SeniorHangouts offers a wide range of topics to help the senior community make their way in the digital world with confidence and trust.  The Lessons are 30 minutes, small bite-sized, LIVE talks delivered by our friendly and experienced Buddies (tutors).Our topics include:

  • Social Media
  • Entertainment
  • Connecting with Friends & Family
  • Microsoft, Apple and Google Products
  • Online Government Services
  • Online Shopping & Finances
  • Devices & Gadgets
  • Special Interest Groups
  • Your online security
  • Productivity & Utility Tools
  • SeniorNet-Westpac Banking Workshops

SeniorHangouts is our popular ‘online meeting place for seniors’.  You can:

  • Join in learning and conversations from the comfort of your armchair and from the safety of your own home.
  • Easily connect to a live session and participate (or just watch and listen).
  • Access all of the previously broadcast sessions – so you can catch up at any time.

Come and join other seniors having fun at SeniorNet Learning Centres and online through SeniorHangouts.

You will learn more about

  • connecting with your family and friends
  • having fun online
  • getting the most from your devices
  • using internet banking and online shopping while staying safe online
  • where to access government websites
  • how to access your health information

SeniorNet, and SeniorHangouts, are a community learning network that supports and motivates people to confidently use technology in their everyday lives…

To join SeniorNet or find out more about SeniorNet click here –  SeniorNet


No matter what stage you are at in your digital journey be it 

  • Beginner (little or no understanding of computers or mobile technologies), 
  • Intermediate (relatively confident with technology and able to communicate online using social media, emails etc) or 
  • Advanced (confident user of technology with a desire to learn more) 

We offer a wide range of sessions suited to your needs.

A great team of fellow members ready to pass on the knowledge they have to help other members of SeniorHangouts.  We call them Buddies here on SeniorHangouts, Presenter or Teacher sounds far too formal!

SeniorHangouts is free to all SeniorNet members

It is very easy.  Simply Register with SeniorHangouts and the rest is easy (click here to Register)
If you have any questions about how this works please contact us, or talk with your SeniorNet Centre – they know how this works.

What our members say about Seni​orHangouts

SeniorNet through its Virtual Learning Centre SeniorHangouts has touched many lives and helped several seniors step into digital space with confidence and trust.

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